Q.  Should I brush or floss first?
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Q.  How do you know if you're doing a thorough job?
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Q. How Safe is Tooth Whitening?

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Q. What can I do about bad breath?

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Q. What is a “reasonable and customary” fee?

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Q.  How often should radiographs be taken?

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Q. What are the benefits of a dental radiograph examination?

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Q.  How do dental x-rays compare to other sources of radiation?

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Q. What if I’m pregnant & need a dental x-ray?

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Q.  Will you file my dental insurance for me?

A.   Yes, we will file all necessary forms and information to your dental insurance carrier as a courtesy to you.


Q.  Do you accept my insurance and what do I need to pay?

A.  We are not a member of any preferred provider networks, however if your insurance carrier allows you to see the dentist of your choice, we will gladly file your insurance for you and accept assignment of benefits from them and you would pay your estimated out of pocket at the time services are rendered.  However, should your insurance not cover everything they are estimated to cover, the remaining balance would be due from you.


We only ask that you keep in mind that the agreement that you have is between you and your insurance company and we are not a part of that agreement.  We file your insurance as a courtesy to you.  Your ultimate responsibility is for the entire fee, if for whatever reason your insurance company would choose not to pay.


Q.  How old does my child need to be before I schedule his/her 1st appointment?

A.  We believe it’s vital that a child’s first contact with the dental office should be a pleasant one, therefore, we encourage parents to schedule the 1st appointment as early as they believe the child will tolerate it.


It’s not overly important that we get the cleaning done on that 1st appointment.  What is important is that we orient the child on the experience.  We’ll just let them sit in the chair, and show them the toothbrush.  He/she will meet the Hygienist and the Doctor.  They’ll get stickers and a prize.  If we can do the cleaning, great, but mainly we just want to make this a happy visit; a place they like!